Wholesale wild pepper Madagascar

In the heart of the forests of the Big Island, wild pepper grows on lianas. Rather sweet and woody, this rare variety of pepper will perfume and give a rather unique flavor to your foie gras or royal couscous. As virtues, the Voatsiperifery facilitates digestion. It is also recommended against sore throats.

The origin of this Voatsiperifery or wild pepper ensures a product from a wild environment, so grown without chemicals.

Origin : Tropical forest of south-east Madagascar

Quality : whole pepper

Weight / Quantity : from 5 kg to a container

Conditioning :

  • In 1kg bag under vacuum
  • 20 bags of 50gr raffia ready to sell or to offer


Minimum order : 5kg all spices combined

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Voatsiperifery or wild pepper from Madagascar

Wild pepper or voatsiperifery, is a native pepper from Madagascar. Wild, it grows in the great forests of the South of the island. This rare pepper stands out for its fine scented smell. Its sweet spice also gives it an original taste. Serving to flavor your dishes, the voatsiperifery is an ingredient with multiple uses.

Culture of wild pepper or voatsiperifery

The voatsiperifery grows in a hot and humid climate. It is found mainly in the southeastern regions of Madagascar. It is picked by hand on creepers about 20 or 30 meters high. In fact, some farmers decided to cut the trees for an easy solution. However, most producers who export, prefer products from wild and cultivated areas without chemicals. This trend tends to strengthen the conservation of the fauna and flora that inhabit the forest. Moreover this fact contributes to ensure the durability of the endemic species.

Description of this rare spice of the red island

The voatsiperifery is the combination of two Malagasy words "voa" and "tsiperifery". The first term means fruit. The second one refers to the piper borbonen liane of which it is family. It is also referred to as wild pepper for its semi-wild culture in primary forests. This pepper typical of the red island, at first glance, looks like cubebe native to Southeast Asia. Its grains are smaller and their stems longer than those of Java pepper. With a unique scent, the voatsiperifery is distinguished by its woody aromas. Its less pronounced piquant taste also characterizes it. It stirs the taste buds without stinging. Depending on the level of ripening, the voatsiperifery can be black, red or white.

History and other information on Madagascar wild pepper

Being rare, the voatsiperifery usually thrives in the wild. That's why the pepper tree, the piper borbonens, is found in the last tropical rain forests on the Big Island. The picking is a difficult job as it is done on vines of 20 to 30 m. The drying of wild pepper is done in the sun and it takes a week. After drying, the voatsiperifery retains only 10% of its initial weight. Softer and fruity, it is very suitable for meat, seafood and especially foie gras. Ground, it remains a good seasoning for our sauces. A true aroma for desserts, this spice goes wonderfully well with chocolate and fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, lychees and rhubarb. Finally, it is an interesting component to enhance the sweet-savory cuisine based on honey.

The benefits of voatsiperifery or Madagascar wild pepper

Although the voatsiperifery is not spicy like other peppers, it has many virtues :

  • It is rich in antioxidant. So, wild pepper has the function of free radical scavengers. These are responsible for aging cells.
  • Voatsiperifery is also an anti cancer. The use of wild pepper in the treatment of breast cancer demonstrates a limitation of the growth of stem cells that propagate the tumor.
  • Wild pepper prevents and treats varicose veins. It promotes the decongestion of veins, so allows a good blood circulation.
  • The consumption of voatsiperifery can help us burn fat. At each meal, you can burn 10% more calories by taking pepper (capsules or other forms).
  • Voatsiperifery or wild pepper also helps relieve the sensation of burning, itching or other pain of hemorrhoidal manifestations.
  • This spice is a good antibacterial and antiseptic.
  • Pepper stimulates appetite and normalizes digestion. It is strongly recommended to take this spice in case of constipation, nausea or bloating.
  • The piperine pepper can sharpen the melanocytes. So it improves the pigmentation of the skin of people caught by vitiligo.
  • The consumption of pepper significantly increases serotonin levels. So it can be considered as an excellent preventative insomnia, anxiety or fear.