Madagascar vanilla wholesaler

Madagascar vanilla is among the best. At first sight, vanilla from Madagascar is soft, fat and uniform in color (black / dark brown). Its taste and natural aroma seduce people all over the world. For our desserts, ice creams and drinks, this vanilla always brings a refined touch.

The origin of our vanilla ensures you a product from agriculture without chemicals.

Origin : Antalaha, Sambava, Mananara North

Quality : cloves

Weight / Quantity : Not available this year


What you need to know about vanilla

Vanilla is a rather special spice. It comes from some orchids of tropical origin. It is used both in food preparations and in the perfume industry. It also serves as an effective medicine. Although it can be the fruit of different species of vanilla, the one from vanilla planifolia remains the most exploited and the most popular.

Vanilla growing in Madagascar

As the vanilla needs a hot and humid climate, the SAVA region is the first area conducive to its cultivation. It still requires a place imitating the environment of the undergrowth. Its stems and leaves should not be exposed directly to sunlight.This can lead to death of the plant. Malagasy producers are adopting a density of production in accordance with standards, generally limited to 5,000 plants per hectare. The cultivation takes place around October. After 2 years of growth, the vanilla trees are the subject of a floral induction. An essential operation for flowering and fruiting.

Description of vanilla

Vanilla is the fruit of vanilla. It comes in the form of a pod, similar to that of green beans. The mother plant is lianascent, so climbing. Native to the humid forests of Central America, its length can reach fifteen meters. Its woody stem has many adventitious roots, allowing it to cling to trees. Cultivated under better conditions, its shelf life can exceed 10 years. Of the different vanilla species, only Vanilla Planifolia and Vanilla Tahitensis are grown for commercial purposes. Their fruits can be harvested when they reach a weight between 10 g and 15 g. Harvesting is usually done eight months after flower pollination.

History of vanilla

The original land of vanilla is actually in Mexico. In the territory of the Aztecs, it had already been used even before the Spanish conquistadors arrived on the scene. The famous pod arrived at the Spanish court in 1516, carried away by the conquistadors. Then followed his arrival in England, Germany, France and Reunion Island where we had tried to cultivate it. But a problem arose, no vanillier had given any pod. The plant needs a specific pollinator to be fertilized. It is a Mexican endemic bee called Melipone.In 1841, a young slave named Edmond Albius had been able to fertilize the flower manually. Since this discovery, vanilla has been cultivated and exploited outside of Mexico.

The benefits or the virtues of vanilla

Apart from its aroma, vanilla is also known for its therapeutic virtues. Oil or powder, it goes into the preparation of some care products.

  • In aromatherapy Vanilla is widely used to fight against depression. Vanillin (aroma) can relieve stress and anxiety. A tea or a vanilla infusion is effective to boost mood.
  • A few drops of vanilla extract with water or milk soothe nausea and some stomach problems. It helps a lot for vomiting and those who have stomach upset.
  • Vanilla is a powerful antioxidant. It can cure most diseases caused by internal cell damage by oxidation. It increases immunity, protects the body against carcinogens and repairs cell damage.
  • It is effective for treating menstrual problems. The inclusion of vanilla in the diet is highly recommended. Its high magnesium content significantly reduces premenstrual syndrome. The calcium it contains, reduces the pain and irregularities of menstrual cycles.
  • Being an anti-inflammatory, it heals the inflammation of the liver, the skin and the whole body. She heals wounds. The consumption of water or vanilla powder is necessary in case of ignition.
  • Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac. Treatment with oil or vanilla extract improves testosterone levels. So for men, it boosts libido.
  • To have a healthy skin, the use of vanilla powder as an exfoliant or essential oil is recommended. To have a good texture and reduce hair loss, vanilla is a good ally.
  • A good amount of vanillin reduces arterial pressures while reducing cholesterol. It prevents atherosclerosis and heart disease.