TROPIK'EPICES exporter, supplier in Madagascar spices

Tropik'Epices specializes in the export of several varieties of spices from Madagascar. Although the origins of most spices are from Asia and America, Madagascar has adopted them. Over the years, Big Island has even become one of the largest exporters of spices in the world. Its climatic diversity has always been one of the factors that has made its spices, unique products by its quality and the particularity of its culture.

What will you find on our site?

On our site you will have the opportunity to stock up on quality spices from Madagascar.

Our products:

  • Clove: clove
  • Pink peppercorn: seed / fruit
  • Cinnamon: sticks, powder
  • Voatsiperifery wild pepper: seed / fruit
  • Turmeric: powder
  • Black pepper: seed / fruit
  • Red or green bird pepper: dried chilli
  • Ginger: powder
  • Vanilla: In pod, powder

We choose for you the best spices of Madagascar.

Depending on the season, certain spices that we propose are rarely found on the market. However, we strive to meet and satisfy the requests of our customers.

The most about spices proposed on

Although Tropik'Epices offers almost the same products as other spice specialists from Madagascar, our products have some more.

Endemic species like wild pepper Voatsiperifery make our spices unique products. The diversity of its climate and the richness of its soil gave some peculiarities to the multitudes species of spices of Madagascar.

We only offer products from the artisanal culture in peasant environment.

Although the spice culture has evolved in the Big Island, it remains without chemicals. Outside plantations, rainforest crops still exist. We want to preserve this peculiarity of the agricultural heritage of Madagascar.

Tropik'Epices does not want to limit its activities on the export of Madagascar spices. We are committed to working closely with the farmers so that everyone wins in the exploitation of the spice industry.

As much for the professionals of the food industry as for those of the delicatessen, Tropik'Epices will be able to answer your requirements.